Get your own MAIT token.

Built on trustworthy
Ethereum network

MAIT is a digital token that is part of one of the world's largest, most secure and most respected blockchain networks - the Ethereum network. Becoming a MAIT holder also means becoming part of the innovation and future of blockchain technology.

Step by step:
A guide to getting MAIT

Simple and easy to understand instructions for obtaining MAIT tokens. From creating a crypto wallet to making a transaction. No need to worry about anything, no previous experience with cryptocurrencies is needed - our guide will help you with everything and walk you through the whole process.

What is needed to purchase the token?

To be able to purchase it, you need a virtual dollar called Tether (USDT) and an Ethereum network wallet in MetaMask.

Lock-up period:
Patience brings MAIT



2 YEARS + 10% reward

1 USDT = 1.1 MAIT

Purchase MAIT quickly and easily

If you already have the MetaMask crypto wallet management extension installed in your web browser, just link it using the button below and the entire transaction will be a matter of a few clicks.

Connect Metamask

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