Complete guide for purchasing MAIT

Participating in our token sale may appear complex at first glance, but it is worthwhile to be part of it. To make it easier for you, we are presenting an article in which we will guide you through the entire process step by step. Throughout the text, we will refer to our additional guides.

1) Decide how many MAIT you want to buy and for how long you want to lock them up.

Longer lock-up period = lower token price. We lock all coins for 1 or 2 years, which is a common practice in the world of cryptocurrencies. This provides the community with assurance that we are committed to Maitreja and will dedicate ourselves to the project for the long term. It also gives us enough time to prepare for free trading after the token sale ends.

  • Purchase 1 MAIT for 1 USDT with a lock-up period of one year.
  • Purchase 1.1 MAIT for 1 USDT with a lock-up period of two years.

2) Make sure you have an Ethereum wallet.

It is an application like MetaMask. We have a complete guide for obtaining it. It is important to note that your MAIT tokens are linked to the wallet from which the USDT originated.

3) Ensure that you have some ETH in your Ethereum wallet.

No blockchain operates completely for free. There are small fees associated with transactions. To participate in the MAIT token purchase, you will need approximately $30-50 worth of ETH cryptocurrency. It can be purchased on almost any exchange or trading platform. For newcomers, we recommend Binance as it offers complete support in English language.

The fee amount depends on various factors such as the time of day. You can find information about the fees at the top of this linked website.

4) Register on an exchange and buy USDT.

USDT is a cryptocurrency pegged 1:1 to the US dollar. With USDT, you can acquire our token. In one of our guides, we detailed the process of purchasing USDT. Once again, we recommend Binance exchange for newcomers. You can decide how many tokens you want to acquire during our presale according to your preference.

5) Initiate a withdrawal to your MetaMask wallet.

You have MetaMask, and you have your USDT on the exchange. Now, initiate a withdrawal from the exchange to your MetaMask wallet. We also discuss this in the guide on purchasing USDT.

6) Connect your MetaMask wallet to our website.

At this point, we have ETH and USDT in our wallet. We also know whether we want to lock the MAIT tokens for 1 or 2 years. We click on the "Buy MAIT" button, and the MetaMask wallet connection screen appears. We click on "Connect MetaMask."

After clicking on "Connect MetaMask," your wallet will ask you to select which account you want to connect to the website. If you have only one wallet, there will be only one account available. Select the account and click "Next."

On the next screen, simply confirm the connection by clicking "Connect."

7) Purchasing MAIT tokens – Step 1

The token purchase screen now offers us the option to choose the number of tokens and the lock-up duration. Once we have entered the desired information, we click on the "Step 1 - Connect" button. This will establish a connection between our website and the blockchain.

Once again, MetaMask will prompt us to confirm the transaction. This transaction incurs ETH fees. We do not make any adjustments on the website; we simply click on "Approve." If you have already entered the amount of your MAIT purchase in the window, the amount should automatically match, or you can leave here 0, it's ok. By approving the transaction, the blockchain receives a message that it can deduct this amount in the subsequent step of the purchase process.

On our website, you will now see a confirmation saying "Connection established," and you can continue by clicking forward.

Once again, you will need to confirm the transaction in MetaMask, this time with a very low fee. At the same time, in this step, MetaMask verifies if you indeed want to pay the amount in USDT – that's why the USDT quantity field is empty, and you need to fill it in. By clicking on "Use Default," the amount you entered on our website will be pre-filled. This serves as a security measure against scammers who may attempt to obtain your cryptocurrencies. Then, all that's left is to click "Next" and subsequently confirm the transaction by clicking "Approve."

8) Purchasing MAIT – Step 2

After confirmation, the screen will change again, and now all that remains is to click on "Step 2 - Buy MAIT." Then, you will need to confirm the transaction in MetaMask once again.

9) It's done. Check your wallet for the received tokens.

Once the transaction is processed, you will see aconfirmation screen about the purchase.

The tokens are now in your MetaMask wallet. Simply open it and select the "Assets" tab. If you don't see your MAIT tokens here, you need to enable their display.

To do that, click on "Import Tokens" in MetaMask, switch to the "Custom token" tab, and fill in the Token contract address field with the following address:


Then, just click on "Add custom token." Now, in the "Assets" tab, you should see your newly purchased tokens.

In a year or two, you will be able to send your tokens to someone else.

If you wish to verify the transaction, you can do so through an Ethereum blockchain explorer. Simply enter the contract address mentioned above and scroll down a bit on the page to the "Token Transfers" tab.

In the image below, you can see what the transfer list looks like on an Ethereum blockchain explorer. There, you should see your transaction, and your address should be listed in the "To" field. If you continue to have difficulties, feel free to contact us on Telegram or Instagram. You can do so in Czech as well.

Still need assistance? Visit our Telegram group where we will provide guidance. We also have Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.