How to set up MetaMask and participate in ICO

MetaMask is a software wallet for storing cryptocurrencies, particularly those operating on the Ethereum network. This includes USDT, which can be used to purchase MAIT. How to set up MetaMask?

MetaMask installation

1) Make sure you have a phone with the iOS or Android operating system. You can also use the Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Edge, or Opera browsers for the installation.

2) Open the web address If you wish to have the application on your phone, choose iOS or Android and click on the corresponding bubble. If using a browser, scroll down the page a bit, where you will find supported browsers listed under the heading "Supported Browsers". Click on the one you are using.

3) A new window will open. Whether on your phone or in the browser, after selecting the platform, you will be redirected to a trusted source for the application. This can be the AppStore, Google Play, or the official browser extension pages.

On your phone, simply download the application for it to be installed. On the browser, you will do the same by clicking on the text 'Add to Your Browser.' For the purposes of the text, I - the author - am installing MetaMask on the Brave browser.

4) Open the application. On your phone, by clicking on the icon. In the browser, by clicking on the extensions and add-ons tab. You will usually find it in the top right corner - indicated in red in the image.

5) The navigation within the application itself should now be practically identical, regardless of the platform we are working with. Therefore, we present a unified guide.

6) Upon opening the application, we see a bubble with the text "Create a new wallet." We click on it.


7)  In the next window, we check whether we want the wallet to send analytical data to MetaMask developers. Yes = "I agree," No = "No thanks".

8) Now we will set up a password for the application. The password serves only as protection in case your device is stolen; IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO RECOVER YOUR CRYPTOCURRENCIES WITH IT. Another tool will be introduced below for that purpose!

9) Choose a strong password with a wide range of characters, write it down on a piece of paper, and mark the checkbox. By checking it, you confirm that you understand the irreversibility of password loss. Then, click on "Create a new wallet".

10) Now comes the most important part - the recovery phrase (sometimes called "seed"). It is a string of words, and its loss or unauthorized use will invariably lead to the loss of your cryptocurrencies. Since blockchain is a decentralized technology, the loss of the phrase cannot be reversed. Proceed to the next step.

11) MetaMask will show you a short educational text and video. Watch it. The security of your cryptocurrencies depends on it.

After you watched it, click on "Secure my wallet (recommended)".

12) Now we are on the page where your recovery phrase will be revealed to you. Make sure that no one is looking at your screen. Also, prepare a piece of paper and a pen. If you store the phrase digitally, there is a risk of losing it in case of device damage or storage hacking. Continue by clicking on the blue bubble.

13) You should see 12 English words that make up your seed. Write them down carefully on paper. CAUTION! The order matters.

14) Once you've done that, proceed further. Now, for your own security, MetaMask will test you by removing a few words. It's up to you to fill in those missing words using your paper with the 12 words. Then, proceed by clicking the button to continue.

15) Your wallet is ready. Click on "Got it!"

16) It's possible that you will receive a few more windows with updates. Go through them. Afterwards, you will be on the main page of the MetaMask application.

What's next?

  • You can find your adress right below the text "Account 1." With it, you can receive cryptocurrencies.
  • Another crucial aspect is the network you are operating on. Ensure that in the top right corner of the application, you see "Ethereum Mainnet." It should always be displayed like that for a new wallet.
  • The Ethereum wallet also serves as a wallet for USDT. Exchanges allow you to choose the network when withdrawing USDT, so please remember the aforementioned "Ethereum Mainnet."
  • Once you have USDT in your Ethereum wallet, you can easily connect to this website and purchase your MAIT tokens.

We would like to remind you once again to keep your recovery phrase safe and confidential. It is the only tool that can be used to restore your wallet in case of device or software loss.

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