How to protect your funds in the crypto world

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are a decentralised technology that gives you complete control over your digital assets. However, this comes with a number of risks, which requires you to be extra careful and responsible. In this article you will find a number of key factors to look out for.

Every address is unique

Each network and wallet has its own address. Since MAIT operates on the Ethereum network, you will need a specific Ethereum wallet address for it. Typically, Ethereum wallet addresses have a format starting with "0x...". Ethereum and tokens functioning on the network share the same address. Instructions for creating a MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet can be found here.

  • Example of an Ethereum address: 0x10Bb60bDfa4543F56f1B3fF38F097E5050EBe8B7

Each network is unique

It is important to note that a wallet designed for the Ethereum network cannot be used to accept Bitcoin (BTC), as the two cryptocurrencies operate on completely different networks. Sending BTC to the ETH network will likely result in their loss. Therefore, it is important to be very cautious and knowledgeable when handling virtual currencies.

Every Seed phrase is unique

A Seed is a string of words used to recover your wallet in the event of a lost or damaged device. The loss of the seed can lead to the permanent loss of all cryptocurrencies stored in the wallet - it will disappear into the history! Therefore, it is important to make a careful note of it on paper when setting up your wallet, not to show it to anyone, try not to lose it and secure it as best as possible. Some people choose more creative ways, such as lamination or laser engraving in stainless steel. Although storing seed digitally is common practice, this is a very risky method as the seed is constantly at risk of cyber-attack or potential problems with the storage device.

Beware of scammers

In the crypto world, there are countless scammers who try to imitate the Maitreya project or pose as its official representatives in various ways. We appeal to your common sense and emphasize that you should never share your recovery phrase with anyone, even though the other party may appear more credible. We will NEVER ask you for it! Furthermore, we strongly recommend that you be equally cautious with MAIT tokens and avoid any tempting offers for their lucrative value. If you notice anything suspicious, please let us know on our Telegram or email us at This warning applies not only to MAIT tokens, but also to all other cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are not overseen by any regulatory body, which puts the full responsibility for their security squarely on you. Fraudsters can be quite resourceful and may even pose as "sellers" of MAIT or other cryptocurrencies, so be very vigilant.

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