How and where to buy USDT

Our MAIT token operates on the decentralized Ethereum network, which is one of the largest in the world. At first glance, the token sale instructions may seem complex, but that's because we provide detailed explanations for everything.

What is USDT?

Tether, as the full name of the token goes, is a coin with an artificially maintained price exactly at one US dollar. It is a so-called "stablecoin" - a stable cryptocurrency. It is managed by a company of the same name. Each USDT token should be backed by corresponding assets. It is the largest and safest stablecoin, but there are also many others in existence.

Guide to purchasing USDT.

1) Please make sure you have your Ethereum address on your private MetaMask wallet. You can find detailed instructions on how to set it up here.

2) If you haven't already, register on a cryptocurrency exchange. For the purposes of this guide, we recommend Binance, as it offers a large number of tutorials.

Experienced crypto-traders can skip steps 3 to 5; all they need is a small amount of ETH cryptocurrency in their personal wallet and USDT tokens equal to the desired purchase amount of MAIT.

3) We recommend securing your exchange account. You can find additional tips and tricks for securing your cryptocurrencies here.

4) Buy approximately 30 USD worth of ETH (Ethereum) cryptocurrency and send it to your MetaMask wallet. If you are using Binance, it will be a straightforward process. Simply make the payment through a transfer or another method, then go to the withdrawal section and send the ETH to your MetaMask wallet. Thanks to the purchased ETH, you will have enough funds for transaction fees on the blockchain network both now and in the future. You can find guides for Binance here.

5) We will do the same with USDT. Purchase USDT in the amount you wish to participate in the MAIT token sale. Send the USDT to your MetaMask address using a similar method as described above. ETH and USDT share the same address, so there is no room for mistakes. If you need to choose a blockchain, opt for Ethereum.

6) Done! Proceed further according to our primary guide for purchasing MAIT.


Binance has a fairly extensive catalog of articles that provide detailed descriptions of each potential payment method. Therefore, don't hesitate to search for specific advice and guides.

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