Technological challenge

Over the last 10 years, technology has become an integral part of our lives. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram and X (Twitter) allow us to connect with people who share a similar philosophy of life, keep up to date with current world events and stay in touch with our friends. However, they also have their downsides, which in many cases are deliberately overlooked or downplayed. Communication on today's social networks often does not reflect the true nature of people, but is rather the result of strong emotions, hasty decisions and information overload. Users of these platforms are permanently influenced by paid content and isolated in social bubbles, making the younger generation and children all the more vulnerable. Excessive consumption of digital content can reduce their creativity and imagination and can have a significant impact on their mental health.

Young adults are presented on social media with people who appear to be happier and more attractive than themselves, which can make them feel very depressed or even suicidal.

It is important to remember that the companies behind the development of these technologies are not the only culprits. Their main goal is usually just to make as much profit as possible through advertising and thereby satisfy their shareholders. Mere criticism of these companies is not enough. New solutions must be sought that protect the mental health of users and are not subordinated to commercial interests.

Annotation of project Maitreja

Simply put, we are an innovative non-profit crypto organization that develops applications that positively impact the world. Our mothership, the healthy social network Mait.me, allows people to connect and communicate with each other without having to worry about their personal data and its potential misuse. Unlike traditional social platforms, we don't focus on selling advertising and keeping users on their screens as long as possible to consume as much paid content as possible. We are trying to return to the original ideas of social networking, pure digital interaction and socialization, instead of the forced monetization of user data. The resulting space should be a place where people treat each other with dignity and mutual respect, and whose future look and feel and the entire project Maitreja can be freely decided by its users.

In addition to the Mait.me social network, we have a number of other applications that work both inside the network and independently outside of it. Our goal is to have at least 7 mobile apps up and running by 2025 and to reach a total of 1 million active users on the Mait.me social network. At the same time, we are developing a unique user authentication system, a tool for customizing the network algorithm, and a marketplace for goods and services with the possibility of using cryptocurrencies.

All of our apps have their own business model. While we focus on profitability and financial sustainability, we always keep in mind ethical principles and providing added value to users.

Funds generated by each app are used for their day-to-day operations and marketing. At the same time, we have created a cryptocurrency - MAIT tokens, which represent membership contributions to our non-profit organization Spolek MAITREJA and allow their holders to co-determine the future direction of project Maitreja. Income from membership fees goes towards the development of new applications and features. If the platform becomes more successful, we plan to set up a special fund to support promising and like-minded projects involving Maitreja.

Our network operates at https://mait.me and is also available as a mobile app. Compared to other crypto-projects, we already have working products, which is a significant advantage for MAIT token holders.

1.0 Impact of today's technology

Impact of today's technology on people's lives is undeniable. The internet and social networks have become key elements of our daily lives, and the 2020-2023 pandemic will only increase our dependence.

Social networks now play an important role in most social and political life. Banning them is unrealistic and we know only too well where bans and censorship have led in the past. project Maitreja aims to create products that preserve the healthy community environment of social networks, while eliminating manipulation, undesirable practices and tools, and the constant influx of advertising content. One of the cornerstones of our project is also the idea of taking responsibility for one's online behaviour. Respect for others will foster interpersonal communication and cooperation, which will help to cultivate and moderate discussion in the digital world.

1.1 Impact on mental health

One of the main consequences of excessive use of the internet and social networking sites is the negative impact on our mental health. Expert studies show a link between the consumption of content recommended by algorithms and low self-esteem or a declining index of overall life satisfaction.1

Younger generations often suffer most when they are exposed to highly idealised content, often without realising it, which creates unrealistic standards of beauty and happiness. Sophisticated filters and graphics programs have become so advanced that their use and presence in content is not easily detected by the human eye. Social networks like Instagram are particularly vulnerable to this problem. This is confirmed by an internal analysis by Meta (Facebook) that became public as a result of a simple misunderstanding.2

There is a wealth of expert research on the impact of social media on our health and mental wellbeing. For example, a study by the UK's Public Health Service looked at the issue in detail.3

Similar findings were confirmed by a Canadian study that found a link between time spent on social platforms and negative mental health outcomes, including suicidal tendencies.4 Social networking also contributes to anxiety, loneliness and major depression5, social isolation6, eating problems7 and "phubbing"8.

1.2 Users as commodities

Another challenge is that users are often perceived as mere commodities. On most social media and other technology platforms, users' personal information is routinely used for advertising purposes.

Control over the sharing of personal information is not always entirely in our hands. Some tools do not allow us to choose whether or not to share our information. Although some companies claim to protect this data from unauthorised access, loss or destruction, and other misuse, the reality is often very different. Statistics show that between 2005 and 2019, around 11,000 cases of social media data breaches have been reported.

Vizualizace human-id.org představující počet datových úniků na sociálních sítích v USA9

Repeated leaks of internal documents from major companies suggest that some platforms either actively share users' personal data or unofficially allow external companies to access it. The Facebook & Cambridge Analytica case is clear evidence that social media advertising models use personal data to precisely target psychological campaigns to influence users' opinions. It is time to change this practice.

1.3 Deformation of public debate

We're sure most of us have experienced how some users, hiding under the apparent veil of internet anonymity, have said things in discussions that they would never say to someone's face. Anonymity on the Internet has led to a radical increase in hate speech. Unfortunately, most social networks completely ignore such hateful or offensive speech. According to studies, hate speech accounts for between 0.8 and 11% of the total amount of social media posts examined10, leading to a more divided society, a lack of understanding and an unwillingness to listen to others or even have a constructive discussion. None of the major social networks are particularly dedicated to its users in the area of interpersonal communication. Instead, they have resigned themselves to this task and have begun to present themselves as platforms where the content is entirely the work of the users and they merely provide the space for them to do so. Maitreja has a plan to solve this problem.

1.4 Platform-driven content

Content creators, especially on YouTube, face a number of challenges when trying to monetise their videos, as they have to meet many strict criteria. Every piece of content is carefully screened for legal and copyright issues. But the current system has its flaws. It often bans content that is not controversial or otherwise against the rules, but is unfortunately subject to pressure from advertisers. This is because the big platforms are afraid to work with content that might not appeal to their big advertisers and might deter them from further paid co-operation.

Such parameters encourage creators to only create content that will pass the filter and ensure monetisation. This creates an artificial environment that avoids certain topics, severely limiting the ability of users to obtain objective information in these areas. Maitreja allows creators to achieve freedom of expression and offers them simple monetisation models while connecting them to their community.

2.0 Maitreja - our solution

One of the greatest advantages of project Maitreja is that we are entering the crypto world with products that already work. We are not building airlocks, but real technology with real impact. 

Project was launched more than 7 years ago with a clear vision:

  • To create a network that is managed and owned by the users themselves.
  • To make the individual functionalities modular - standalone, not one big product.
  • To achieve a global impact and then launch the development of other modules.
  • To avoid wasting time and influencing public opinion by advertisers.
  • To contribute to a more responsible society and promote tolerant and open discussion.

Our goal is to create powerful technologies with a positive social impact, whose destiny is in the hands of the users themselves!

What is all part of Maitreja?

2.1 Non-profit organization Spolek MAITREJA

Users of Maitreja Platform automatically become members of the non-profit organisation if they fulfil the conditions set out in the statutes. Membership allows them to help determine the future direction of the Platform and to participate in its development.

Legal status of a non-profit organisation guarantees users that the platform's aim is not only to maximise profits, but above all to achieve long-term sustainability and to respect the ethical principles of its products (as was previously the case with OpenAI). The success of the organisation means expanding Mait.me's social networking features and the range of applications and projects on offer, all in accordance with the decisions of its members.

Project Maitreja seeks to heal the online environment, improve the psychological state of users by removing manipulative algorithms, and restore the missing humanity to the online world.

Spolek MAITREJA's main objectives are constantly updated and published on https://maitreja.org.

MAITREJA also plans to engage in business and other income generating activities that support the core objectives of the organisation and the efficient use of its assets. Regular audits of the organisation will be transparently presented and promptly made available to all members to allow them to continuously monitor the financial health of the organisation and assess the achievement of its objectives. In the event of dissatisfaction with the results, voting members (such as MAIT token holders) can modify the direction of the platform according to their own preferences.

For more information on who is behind Maitreja Organisation, see Chapter 5.

2.2 Healthy social network Mait.me

Mait.me social network is not just controlled by a few individuals, but the users themselves play a key role in it. Mait.me acts as a central hub connecting the entire Maitreja ecosystem. While most of the features are currently only available on the main Mait.me platform, they will soon become standalone modules or applications.

Our main target group are creative and aware people who are looking for personal development. The success of Mait.me depends largely on the activity and participation of its users. We currently have over 2,000 people testing the network. During Q2/2024 we plan to launch a large scale airdrop (reward system) that will reward active users on the Mait.me network. With this airdrop we will try to attract new users, encourage activity from existing users and improve the quality of content on the network. At the same time, we are actively communicating with different groups of people and moving them from other social networks to Mait.me.

We believe that user authentication is an important part of a safe and mutually respectful online environment. Every Mait.me user will go through some level of identity verification, depending on how they want to use the platform. From simple email address verification, to phone number verification, to full identity verification, which will be particularly important for users who wish to offer their services and products to others. Verifying the authenticity of users has several benefits. First, it reduces user fraud, which increases the credibility and security of the platform. Secondly, it improves the quality of communication by removing the general feeling of anonymity online and allowing users to build real relationships. Our goal is to have 1 million verified users on Mait.me by 2025. If we achieve this, we will have created the safest and most trusted online space in the world.

You can download the Mait.me app from the App Store and Google Play.

Features on the Mait.me platform (updated May 2024):

Algorithm management

You won't find any advertising on Mait.me because we don't consider our users to be commodities for sale. Users can decide for themselves what they want to be shown and what not.

  • Mait.me users can delete all the data collected about them at any time and leave the information bubble to discover new posts and topics. By modifying the algorithm's data, it is also possible to escape the so-called rabbit hole, i.e. topics that users have accidentally found themselves in, even if they did not intend to follow them in the first place.
  • By customising the algorithm, users can define what they are really interested in and influence what the algorithm shows them. For example, you can tell the algorithm to show as many posts about skiing as possible, while avoiding content about coffee. In their profile settings, users can easily prioritise the topics and areas they are really interested in and see how their interests are ranked by the algorithm. Topics the user no longer wants to see can be removed with a single click. This is a practical and unique solution that is unparalleled in the current world of social networking.

Communities or networks within network

Ideal for large communities, teams and groups with specific interests. After joining a community, users will only see posts related to that topic and nothing else. Again, users can always switch back to the standard Mait.me content viewing mode or stay in the community where they feel comfortable. Each community has its own posts, articles, groups and events and is fully customisable according to the needs of its users. Mait.me is the only network in the world that allows you to create your own social networks and easily switch between them.

Timeline of posts

Main page that displays content from other users, groups, projects and event organisers.

  • All types of content can be shared on the timeline.
  • The goal of the Mait.me timeline is not to keep the user looking at the screen for as long as possible. It doesn't highlight emotional posts, but provides a quick overview of what's happening on the network and lets users move on to their next activity. This reduces the time spent on the network and makes more efficient use of people's time. As users, we can then use this saved time to spend with loved ones or meet friends offline.


Join interest groups and connect with people who share similar interests. Anyone can start a group at any time. It is up to the founder to decide if they want to moderate the group alone or with others.


Create events, join discussions and enjoy time with others. Simply enter the date, venue, event information and ticket price and you're ready to send out invitations. Events can be filtered by a variety of criteria including public transport accessibility, child friendliness, wheelchair accessibility, parking, price and more.


Share your original work with the community or create a blog with your own address on Mait.me.


Your activities, events, projects and posts will be displayed on your user profile.

  • Each user has the ability to set their exact level of privacy, including the option to be completely incognito!
  • When you view another user's profile, you can see what they are involved in (groups, projects, events) and their activity (articles, posts). On the other hand, the information that the user has given about themselves is ignored, as their actions say more about a person than just their words.
  • In addition to private profiles, you can also create company profiles that are directly linked to their founders.


Find people with similar values and interests, or leave your social bubble and explore new waters. The friend recommendation algorithm is completely under your control.

Upcoming features:

Reward system for creators

Active users, contributors and creators will be systematically and randomly rewarded with a MAIT token for their contribution to the company and the platform.

Premium subscription

Premium members will be able to have a publicly visible profile tag and a number of other additional benefits and features. Subscription prices will range from $4 to $6 per month.

Defence against content reporting

Given the shortcomings of algorithmic moderation as seen on social networks today, we believe it is a priority to provide users with effective defences against targeted content reporting, such as hiding or deleting posts.

Collective moderation 

What's over the line and what's not? This question will be answered by the users together. The aim is to create an environment where users can help each other in the discussion, educate each other and develop their interpersonal communication skills. This feature will be supported by AI-based language models to help users identify argumentation fouls and other communication errors used in discussions. Users will be motivated and rewarded for correctly reporting posts and identifying inappropriate content. Moderators and the automated system will closely monitor reporting trends and respond quickly. We will use artificial intelligence to monitor the quality of reporting by our users, who will then receive feedback to supplement their existing knowledge.

Voting system

Voting system in place opens up opportunities for collective management of our fund for future projects. Every member will be able to participate in the direction of project Maitreja through voting.

  • One of our core values is transparency, which is why the voting results will be publicly available thanks to blockchain technology. Voting will take place in such a way that users will not have to pay any transaction fees on the blockchain.
  • Voting system will also include the ability to delegate your vote and participants will receive additional benefits within the platform.


We plan to create a feature that will act as a map of all the modules and products that Maitreja uses and offers. Each user will be able to choose to work with these modules or not.


Connect with like-minded people and work together to achieve your goals. The project allows you to discuss and share your ideas with others. Projects also have the option to set up crowdfunding.


Internet is an endless source of ideas and life experiences. You'll be able to add your own through a special built-in learning platform that uses AI to create your avatars.

Data decentralisation

In the course of 2024, we will connect the Mait.me network to the ActivityPub protocol, which will give users with the freedom to migrate their data across different platforms as they wish. For example, a user will be able to transfer their articles or friends list from one network to another. This not only decentralises the stored data, but also gives the user full control over it.

Try healthy Mait.me network and get to know the real you

2.3 Functional and upcoming modules of Maitreja

In the context of project Maitreja, the term 'module' refers to an independently functioning product. It can be thought of as similar to Google Maps, which works on its own but also complements other modules and contributes to the overall value of Alphabet Inc.

Functional modules

We know that only some of these modules will become successful applications with global impact. That's why we're starting with a few carefully selected ones, and adding more gradually after at least one of the first applications has created a viral tsunami.

  • Mait Chat

Chat application that provides a secure and private environment for communication between members of the Mait.me network. The uniqueness of the application lies in its ability to communicate with users who do not have a Mait.me account, which only underlines its independence. It will make it easier for users with an account to connect with friends, while offering others the wide range of chat features they are used to. Mait Chat supports not only text messaging, but also voice and video calls, and is available as a standalone app as well as within the Mait.me network.

Mait Chat is now available to download from App Store a Google Play.

  • Tellmee

Application for creating authentic, humorous and enriching conversations through questions. It serves as the basis for using authentic conversations in other modules of project Maitreja. Tellmee has the potential to become a major marketing driver for the entire Mait.me platform, with a great opportunity to draw attention not only to the app itself, but to the entire platform. We see it as an accelerator for other modules. Because of the way the app works with authenticity, Tellmee represents a significant step towards restoring naturalness to the social networking environment. It will also enable companies to get authentic feedback from their employees. Between 50,000 and 200,000 videos are expected to be created in Q2/2024 and between 0.5 million and 10 million by the end of Q4/2024.

Tellmee is now available to download from App Store a Google Play.

Upcoming modules

  • Mait Play

App for easy video and lecture monetisation that gives creators the freedom to showcase their work and set up comprehensive monetisation in one place. Mait Play addresses the need for creators to combine different tools to monetise their video content. In the first version of the app, users will be able to buy content directly from their favourite creators. The business model is based on the platform taking a percentage of the content sold. A number of additional modules are in the pipeline, many of which will be standalone versions of features that already exist on the Mait.me social network. We are carefully weighing the options and looking for opportunities where standalone applications make sense and add value for users. The aim is to expand the range of features and services so that users have the tools they really need.

Planned modules

  • Mait Vote

Blockchain-based voting application that allows users to set up different types of voting. A transparent and easy way to vote with friends or at the level of entire cities, without any knowledge of how the cryptoworld works. The Mait Vote app is scheduled to be released in Q4/2024 with the goal of reaching 100,000 completed votes in 2025.

  • Marketplace

Web/mobile application for selling digital and physical products and services. Our goal is to create a secure environment where only authenticated users can trade, minimising the risk of fraud typical of other marketplace platforms. The second stage of development will be an extension to allow MAIT tokens and other cryptocurrencies to be used on the marketplace. The beta launch is planned for Q4/2024. By the end of 2025, we expect to reach at least 1 million completed trades among Mait.me users.

  • Events

App for visitors and organisers that will provide an intuitive user interface for the complete management of upcoming events - from registration, editing the programme, sending important notifications to the actual sale of tickets. Based on data from Mait.me, users will have a constant overview of events taking place in their area. Linked to Maitreja ecosystem, it will allow visitors and members of the Mait.me network to actively participate in event-related activities. In addition, by linking to the Tellmee app, it will be possible to create video reviews of past events. Implementation of the app is scheduled for Q2/2025. Prior to launch, the app is expected to provide an overview of hundreds of thousands of upcoming events at any given time.

  • Blog

Standalone blogging application that will complement the existing functionality of the Mait.me network. This application will allow users to not only write and share their content through blog articles, but also monetise this work by allowing authors to get paid for their work.

  • Educational tool

Educational app that will include courses enriched by the life experiences of the trainers. This app will allow knowledge to be captured using artificial intelligence tools and then shared authentically with others.

  • Crowdfunding and donations

App that allows users to get financial support for their projects through donations from their fans. The app will also allow for donations of services, creating an environment of mutual support and sharing.

  • Dating

Dating app based on the core principles of the Mait.me platform. The focus is on authenticity and connecting users based on real values and interests.

  • Job offers

An app that allows employers to reach out to potential employees or freelancers and help them find a job. It will use tools to ensure full authenticity and include the option of video communication, which will facilitate interaction between employers and job seekers.

Exact number of applications is not fixed and can grow indefinitely as the community votes collectively. However, growth in the number of modules will depend on achieving virality and global impact, especially for those modules that are launched first. This will ensure that new features and services meet the needs of users and contribute to the faster development of project Maitreja.

2.4 Maitreja Future Projects Fund

Maitreja's main activities include the promotion of science and research, technological innovation, law and social responsibility, personal development and environmental protection. In the event that Maitreja achieves financial self-sufficiency, a portion of the profits will be directed to the Future Projects Fund. Projects to be included in the Fund must have a positive social impact and be in line with Maitreja's goals and vision. For more information about the Fund, see chapter 3.4.

2.5 Cloud structure, data storage decentralisation and customised connectivity

For long-term independence and resilience to external influences, it is essential that project's Maitreja operations are supported in part by its own infrastructure. In particular, the video modules will generate a significant amount of data which we want to store in places where it will not be affected by the intervention of large technology companies.

Decentralisation of data storage will consist of moving some projects partially or completely to a decentralised mode where data is not stored in one place and cannot be removed by simply disconnecting one of the data centres from the network of decentralised points.

At the same time, Maitreja will be actively involved in projects that promote the independence and sustainable freedom of the Internet. We will look for ways to make content available in countries where governments decide what information users can and cannot access.

3.0 Sustainable monetisation and project plan

We recognise that maintaining an ecosystem of products is very expensive. That's why we plan to charge a premium membership fee for some of our products. The funds raised will be used to ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform.

Since 2016, we have been actively developing Maitreja app ecosystem. In 2023, we introduced the MAIT token to accelerate product development and expand its distribution to global markets. The introduction of other products that align with Maitreja's values and goals will be decided by community members through voting.

From the beginning, we financed the platform with the support of the Křižžovatka Foundation and angel investors. Now we need to move forward, especially towards decentralised ownership of the platform.

3.1 Monetisation models

Project has pre-defined monetisation strategies that not only cover operational and development costs, but also support further development.

Ways to generate income for project Maitreja:

  • Membership fees in the form of the MAIT token. This form of funding is intended to support the development and stabilisation of the entire platform in its early stages.
  • Premium membership for users. Users who want to actively support the project and become part of Maitreja community can purchase a premium membership and enjoy its benefits.
  • Small fees in the form of microtransactions. These fees are generated for selected services, such as selling goods on the marketplace or video courses, and are used to cover the costs of running and supporting features.
  • Revenue from external projects. The community can actively support other projects, which can bring additional revenue into the ecosystem.

As more modules and projects are added, more monetisation opportunities will open up. Achieving financial self-sufficiency and long-term viability remains a top priority for project Maitreja.

3.1.1 Membership fees in the form of a MAIT token

As a non-profit organisation, Maitreja is able to accept membership fees. In our case, membership fees are MAIT tokens. Membership fees are an important part of the economy, especially during product development. They help to complete development and fund global marketing.

Membership contributions in the form of a MAIT token are therefore an essential part of the early years of development. In addition to ensuring that development costs are covered, it will also allow for the decentralisation of decision making within Maitreja Organisation.

Functions of the MAIT token and information about voting are described in more detail in Section 4.0.

3.1.2 Premium membership

For users who want to support our platform even more, we offer a premium monthly subscription on the Mait.me network. This subscription will allow users to enjoy various benefits, upgrade their personal profile or get bonus features that will not be available to regular users. The different variants of the premium subscription and how it works will be unveiled in the second quarter of 2024.

  • Premium monthly subscription is the best way for users to directly support the development of the Mait.me platform. Previous analysis shows that up to 48% of users are willing to pay up to $25 per month for a subscription.
  • Other research suggests that up to 42% of users are willing to pay for full access to all features if the additional features are meaningful.
  • It has been proven time and time again that the lower the subscription price, the more users are willing to subscribe - up to 30%.
  • In the case of Mait.me, we expect a monthly subscription fee of $4-6. We expect about 5% of users to take advantage of the premium subscription. It is important to note that the platform will always remain fully functional for non-paying users.

3.1.3 Small microtransaction fees

Each module in Maitreja has its own development, server operation and marketing costs. In order to make each module financially self-sufficient and to contribute to the costs of the free modules, small fees are charged for some transactions.

For example, we consider the Mait Play module. This module is an application (including a web form on Mait.me) that allows creators to upload monetisable videos. In this module, Maitreja incurs costs associated with storing data, scaling videos and transmitting videos to users who play them. Mait Play also allows card payments and includes a comprehensive user interface for creators and regular users to keep track of all transactions.

In this scenario, Maitreja receives 15% of the total amount the creator sells their videos for, while the rest of the money belongs solely to the creator. These fees not only cover the cost of running the platform for video creators, but also help to fund other video services on the platform. For example, they allow users to share their videos for free on the Mait.me social timeline directly from their devices.

Microtransaction fees therefore play a key role in the financial stability of the entire ecosystem and allow the platform to operate without the need for paid advertising.

3.1.4 Realised income from community supported projects

As mentioned in section 2.4, we plan to establish a project Maitreja Fund when the proceeds from the sale of the MAIT token exceed the operating and development costs. This fund will support projects that are in line with our goals and values. Support can take many forms, including financial. In the event of the success of a supported project, Maitreja will have the opportunity to generate additional income, e.g. through a donation or the sale of its shareholding.

Details of how Maitreja will enter into projects and realise income from them will be specified when the Fund is established. More detailed information can be found in section 3.4.

3.2 Role of Marketing Maitreja and MAIT

MAIT tokens are an important fuel for the entire ecosystem and their role, benefits and rights in the community are irreplaceable. Therefore, MAIT tokens will be used very often in various marketing activities that are quite common in the cryptocurrency world.

Our initiatives include:

  • Exclusive "Ask-Me-Anything (AMA)" events with MAIT founders and representatives, providing a space for direct interaction and knowledge sharing with our community.
  • Reviews and content creation from well-known names in the cryptocurrency, philanthropy, technology and investment space, enhancing the credibility and relevance of our platform.
  • Maximising the media potential of our vision to build our brand and gain exposure at home and abroad. We work with reputable media outlets around the world to spread the purpose and mission of the Mait.me platform.
  • Ambassador programme that rewards active community members for their participation and sharing of our vision, which strengthens our users' sense of belonging and engagement.
  • Hosting traditional events focused on topics such as responsible technology and philanthropy, so that our platform not only innovates but also contributes to positive changes in society.

Cryptocurrency market is ripe with opportunity! All our initiatives are transparently consulted with the community on our Telegram, so be sure to join in!

3.3 Project Maitreja SWOT Analysis

3.4 Future Projects Fund

Maitreja Future Projects Fund is one of the key instruments of project Maitreja. Projects supported by the Fund will focus on areas that promote science and research, technological innovation, law and social responsibility, personal development and environmental protection. The decision on which projects to support and how to support them will be made by the users and holders of MAIT tokens through a voting model described below. We believe that the decentralised fund will provide a unique opportunity to implement ideas with a positive social impact and contribute to sustainable development for present and future generations.

Establishment of the Fund will follow the completion of the development of most of these modules, or earlier if Maitreja achieves financial self-sufficiency. Details of the establishment of the Fund and its exact parameters will be announced in 2025.

In order to ensure the success and added value of individual projects, it is necessary to define precisely the individual criteria that will play a decisive role in the selection process:

  • transparency and alignment with Maitreja's values,
  • high likelihood of financial self-sustainability of the project,
  • can be not only crypto projects, but also traditional business sectors.

Performance of the projects and the fund will be continuously communicated to community members through detailed annual reports. Regular external audits will also be carried out to ensure two important things - our transparency and credibility.

Growth of the total value of the projects selected by the community will increase the prestige of Maitreja name. All projects together represent the intrinsic value of the platform and the token. Holders of more than 100 MAIT tokens have the exclusive right to vote on all decisions. The increase in value of the projects will be indirectly reflected in the value of the platform and token. Participants in the staking programme will benefit from the success of the fund. The community will have a decisive say in all decisions made by the fund, including the possibility of abandoning some investments in favour of others. The democratically elected members of the Board will be responsible for the specific actions of the Fund.

3.5 Maitreja's Roadmap 2023/2024

4.0 MAIT token

MAIT tokens represent membership fees to the non-profit organisation MAITREJA and also to project Maitreja. Their role is designed so that they are not required for the normal use of services, but at the same time allow their owners to express their opinions through voting and to actively participate in the development of the project. MAIT tokens offer attractive rewards, bonuses and benefits, but their ownership and use is voluntary, making life easier for those with limited experience of cryptocurrencies.

MAIT Token Utility:

  • MAITREJA membership fee, which gives its holders the right to vote on the future direction of the platform.
  • Create a "pool" of rewards and bonuses to encourage activity on Mait.me, discussion and the creation of quality content.
  • Liquid and forever staking, allowing MAIT token holders to participate in the economic success of the entire Maitreja ecosystem.
  • Integration of the MAIT wallet with all products in Maitreja ecosystem, allowing the MAIT token to be used as an exchange tool across the network and all its modules, such as the marketplace with products and services from verified users.

This ensures the true utility of MAIT tokens and their benefit to the holder, which also contributes to the development and prosperity of the entire Maitreja ecosystem.

4.1 Basic information

The MAIT token runs on Ethereum's largest decentralised network and is based on the ERC-20 standard, allowing it to connect to other networks. The project has been logically designed with long-term scalability in mind, and its contract has undergone a thorough security audit by Ackee Blockchain. The total number of tokens is finite and unchanging - 720,000,000 MAIT, not one more MAIT.

4.2. Offer round for angel investors

From April 2023 to May 2024, a bidding round for angel investors was held, with the requirement to lock in MAIT tokens for a fixed period of time. In this first round, the exchange rate was set at 1 MAIT = 1 USDT. A total of 350,214 MAIT tokens were exchanged into 9 cryptocurrencies. 99% of the tokens were locked for 2 years and 1% for 1 year upon transfer. Investors who locked their tokens for 2 years received an additional 10% reward in the form of MAIT tokens. These bonus tokens are already included in the total number of tokens transferred, see above. For detailed information on unlocking dates, please visit www.maitcoin.com. We are in contact with all angel investors and all intend to hold the MAIT token after the IPO.

Information on crypto wallets currently holding MAIT tokens can be found here:

4.3 Tokenomics (Token Economy MAIT)

Tokens reserved for Team and Advisor rewards will be locked for 2.5 years in 2023, with a gradual release of 20% every 6 months from token creation. The final release will take place on 1 July 2025. Marketing tokens, market liquidity reserve and risk management tokens are not subject to any lock-in.

MAIT token allocation:

  • Market liquidity (21 600 000 MAIT):
    • for listing on decentralised and centralised exchanges,
    • until 7 May 2025, also for OTC contracts with potential investors,
    • are not time-locked,
    • link to wallet.
  • Public offer (467 650 000 MAIT):
    • for distribution to decentralised and centralised exchanges,
    • from 7 May 2025 also for OTC contracts with potential investors,
    • is used to replenish market liquidity in order to gradually increase the value of the maximum executed order, which on decentralised exchanges is limited by the amount of liquidity,
    • additions to decentralised and centralised exchanges and liquidity enhancements are always decided by the community through voting,
    • 91% of tokens locked until 7 May 2025, 9% locked until 7 May 2026,
    • link to wallet.

      In the event that not all of the tokens intended for the public offering have been used by 1 January 2030, the community will decide on a strategy for releasing the tokens for the next 5-year period and will also decide on their possible locking. At the same time, 100,000,000 MAIT tokens will be transferred to the User Reward on the same date. If the balance is less than 100 million tokens, the community will again decide on their distribution.
  • Rewards for users (86 400 000 MAIT):
    • for active creators and members over the next 5 years,
    • amount of tokens released for rewards is determined by the community in each calendar year,
    • gradual release of 20% every 6 months until 1 July 2025,
    • are time-locked,
    • link to wallet.
  • Risk management (14 400 000 MAIT):
    • as a reserve for unexpected events and opportunities,
    • e.g. unexpected stock market crash,
    • are not time-locked,
    • link to wallet.
  • Marketing (50 400 000 MAIT):
    • for support the growth of the project through collaborations with creators, influencers and ambassadors,
    • are not time-locked,
    • link to wallet.
  • Team (57 600 000 MAIT):
    • for members of the implementation team,
    • gradual release of 20% every 6 months until 1 July 2025,
    • are time-locked,
    • link to wallet.
  • Consultants (21 600 000 MAIT):
    • for external consultants and other personnel,
    • amount of the reward is decided by the community at the end of each calendar year,
    • gradual release of 20% every 6 months until 1 July 2025,
    • are time-locked,
    • link to wallet.

4.4 Voting rights

1-99 MAIT + registration on Mait.me = Contributing member without voting rights
100+ MAIT + registration on Mait.me = Honorary member with voting rights (1 vote per 100 MAIT*)
*The maximum number of votes for a crypto wallet is limited to 2% of the current vote.
Linking a cryptocurrency wallet containing MAIT tokens to an account on Mait.me unlocks the ability to vote. The link is completely anonymous and no additional identity verification is required. Votes can be counted and used to decide the direction of the entire Maitreja ecosystem and all supported projects.

When a MAIT token is transferred to another person, the Contributing Member status is also transferred (provided that the new token holder also registers with Mait.me). If a user transfers all of his/her MAIT tokens to another user, he/she will lose his/her Contributing/Honorary Member status.

We will introduce the voting method and the necessary tools for voting in Q3/2024.

MAITREJA's Articles of Association provide for the following distribution of voting rights:

As the number of users increases, the founders will reduce their decision share in favour of the remaining groups. Rules for this gradual transfer of decision-making power and an explanation of each category, together with the voting method and tools, will be presented in Q2 2024.

4.5 Listing to centralised and decentralised exchanges

Listing to Decentralised Exchanges (DEXs) not only strengthens community participation by allowing MAIT tokens to be traded, but also gives each individual a powerful choice to either leave our project or become even more involved in its development. We want all MAIT token holders to have complete freedom and flexibility in their decisions.

Our approach will be systematic - first decentralised exchanges, then centralised platforms (CEXs). This step emphasises decentralisation and active community involvement to reach the widest possible range of users.

This process will be fully supported by our marketing team, including working with influencers, PR and other communication channels to help us spread awareness of our project Maitreja and attract new users and potential investors. We also plan to gradually release MAIT tokens to the market through exchanges and other related operations, which will allow us to efficiently manage the flow and number of units in circulation and ensure a transparent and secure process for all our users. The gradual release of tokens to the market will be subject to strict rules, and in exceptional situations the community will decide on the issuance process. All information will be published online on an ongoing basis to ensure full transparency. We believe that working with crypto exchanges will bring many benefits to our community and to the development of project Maitreja as a whole.

4.6. Procedures and rules for issuing MAIT tokens

Our app and social network, Mait.me, are in the early stages of development. At the same time, we are preparing to enter the global market, which we will support with an aggressive marketing campaign. To cover ongoing costs, we will periodically release MAIT tokens to the exchanges according to our budget. Maitreja's monthly budget is currently USD 45,000 per month and is slowly increasing.

We will release a total of $380,000 worth of MAIT tokens through the exchanges by the end of 2024. Throughout the process, we will follow strict gradual release rules to maintain a long-term rising MAIT token price without putting MAIT holders at risk. Our products have a fair market value which will serve as the basis for determining the value of the MAIT token. In the long run, the value invested in development will be reflected in the overall value of the MAIT token.

For 2025, the budget will be approved quarterly by a vote open to all MAIT token holders. The vote will include the frequency of the next token release and possible adjustments to the rules to maintain the stability of the MAIT token price.

The chart below shows a forecast where the gradual release of MAIT tokens to ensure the sustainability of project Maitreja and its development slightly corrects the price, but strengthens it in the long term.

4.7 Staking

Shortly after listing, we will launch a MAIT token staking programme for all MAIT token holders. This programme will allow them to block their tokens for different periods of time (the longer the period, the higher the rewards) and thus participate in the success of the entire project Maitreja. Further information on the MAIT token staking option will be announced during Q2/2024.

We see the possibility of staking as one of the key pillars to stabilise the value of the MAIT token and partially limit its volatility. We strongly believe that this initiative will contribute to the sustainable development of the project and increase the interest of potential investors.

5.0 Message from Founders to Readers

Maitreja is in its seventh year of building technology that serves people, not just a product. If you are interested in joining us, please visit our website www.maitcoin.com to participate in the ICO. You can also find out more about our cause at www.maitreja.org and on social media at www.mait.me.

Our goal is not only to innovate the current shape of the digital world, but also to create a community based on trust and humanity. Transparency is fundamental and we have nothing to hide - that's why we list the wallet addresses of our founders below. This openness is our way of demonstrating the commitment to fairness and integrity that we bring to every part of our project.

  1. https://etherscan.io/address/0xd67818ff51bb7e529a4c3acf671335c6ecc30bdf
  2. https://etherscan.io/address/0xe3a27fd50c47cbbabcbb412c94a66f27acacbcb5 
  3. https://etherscan.io/address/0x4a6c6533135155c5f45de1a36e298fb8f14efe3f 

Don't forget to follow our social networks and join our Telegram group so you don't miss a thing!

5.1 Who is behind project Maitreja?

The project involves not only the founders listed below, but also a team of experts and companies from around the world.

5.2 Strategic partners

To make a project of our size a reality, we also need the support of partners. Here are some of them.

Nadace Křižovatka
Ackee Blockchain

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