Videos & Reviews

Tellmee app is also part of the Maitreja Ecosystem. Its main purpose is video testimonials, i.e. the ability to record a unique experience, a life experience or an authentic review using video. Our team has found a way to make the whole process fun and entertaining to keep users engaged.

Tellmee can be used in many different areas. In the service sector, it can be an invaluable tool for collecting authentic reviews from customers, in the corporate environment from employees, and it can also be used in B2B segments where quality and fast communication are important.

But we also offer the application to the general public. Tellmee is full of quizzes for couples, challenges for friends and, because it is all video, the output is authentic and entertaining video content, suitable for your own entertainment and for sharing on social media.

In a broader context, Tellmee is also a tool whose functions will gradually be integrated into other applications and, in particular, into the healthy social network In particular, the ability to verify your identity via video or to prove to other users that you are a real person will play an extremely important role in our applications.

At a time when AI and deepfake video are on the rise, the ability to record video where you are verifiably present will be one of the key features of the digital environment. In this way, we aim to strengthen the credibility and authenticity of online communication, which is essential for the healthy functioning of social networks and digital communities.

Tellmee is therefore not only a tool for entertainment and feedback, but also an important contribution to the security and trustworthiness of our digital future.

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