Verified users

The user authentication tool is a key element of the healthy social network and other applications in the Maitreja Ecosystem. KWYTT (Know You're Talking To) is the foundation of our approach to user authentication. This process will always be non-violent and motivational so that users want to be authenticated themselves. Users will be positively motivated by the benefits and features available only to authenticated users.

Authentication will have several levels - from standard email verification to the most trusted methods, such as KYC (Know Your Customer), which is verification by means of an identity card. The highest level of authentication will be required primarily by users who want to offer their products or services and ask for value in return. In this way, we aim to reduce the amount of fraud that is common on sales intermediation platforms and social networks.

We are aware that the process is not infallible and that even a "real" user can cheat. However, through KWYTT we want to improve mutual trust between users. Authentication also plays an important role in online discussions. An authenticated user will be more aware that they are no longer completely anonymous, which we believe can contribute to the quality of online communication. This feature will be essential for a healthy social network.

Together with KWYTT, we are also developing a video origin verification tool, which we plan to roll out in stages to our Tellmee and Mait Play apps, and later to external parties. This tool will allow us to confirm that a particular video was posted by a particular user or creator.