MɅIT staking

All MAIT token hodlers will soon be able to benefit from the overall success of project Maitreja through staking. This programme will allow MAIT tokens to be locked for varying periods of time, with the rule - the longer the lock period, the higher the rewards. Details of the staking will be announced during Q2/2024.

We see the staking of MAIT tokens as one of the key pillars to stabilise the value of these tokens and partially limit their volatility. We believe that this initiative will contribute to the sustainable development of the project and increase the interest of potential investors.

Staking options

Standard temporary lock (5% of total profit):

  • 1 year (coefficient 1)
  • 2 years (coefficient 1.5)
  • 3 years (coefficient 2)

Special limited packages (5% of total profit):

  • 100×100,000 MAIT tokens
  • Lock for 3 years

Position in TOP hodlers ranking (3% of total profit):

  • TOP 10 (1% of total profit)
  • TOP 100 (1% of total profit)
  • TOP 1000 (1% of total profit)

Note: By being in the TOP 10, you will automatically receive the rewards from the TOP 100 and TOP 1000. The same rule applies to being in the TOP 100.

Permanent token lock in each App (50% of total profit and voting rights in the App):

  • Round 1 - 30% of the App's total profit
  • Round 2 - 20% of the App's total profit

Note: Even if you lock your tokens in the app forever, you will be able to sell your locked share on the upcoming Mait Market at any time.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and get your MAIT tokens early!