Service for big investors

We offer all large investors (>5000 MAIT) the opportunity to get MAIT tokens OTC (over-the-counter). This service is for those who want to communicate directly with the Maitreja team and make larger transactions with maximum efficiency.

Benefits of OTC service:

  • option to consult every step directly with our team,
  • tailor the process to your specific needs and requirements,
  • ensure a fast and smooth process.

Why use the OTC service?

Obstacles you may face when trying to get a large amount of MAIT on an exchange:

  • low liquidity (it is not possible to buy more than are available on the dex),
  • splitting a large amount of tokens into multiple transactions makes the purchase significantly more expensive.

Avoid these problems and get MAIT tokens at a better price!

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at