Custom algorithm

Tailored algorithm feature, called TYBC (Tailor Your Bubble Content), is a unique part of our healthy social network

You will not find any advertising on because we do not consider our users to be commodities for sale. Users are free to choose what they see, what they don't see, and to edit what the network's algorithm knows about them. This feature puts users in control of their content and allows them to personalise their experience. users can delete all the data collected about them at any time and leave the information bubble to discover new posts and topics. By modifying the algorithm's data, it is also possible to escape the so-called rabbit hole, i.e. topics that users have accidentally found themselves in, although they did not intend to follow them.

By customising the algorithm, users can specify what they're really interested in, both at a topic level and through tags. For example, they can tell the algorithm to show as many posts about skiing as possible and avoid content about coffee. In their profile settings, users can easily prioritise the topics and areas they are interested in and see how their interests are being ranked by the algorithm. Topics that a user no longer wants to see can be removed with a single click. This is a practical and unique solution that is unparalleled in the world of social networking.

Over time, we will allow users to automate the whole process. For example, they can set the algorithm to flush periodically, so that after a while they will always see fresh content on the network outside their bubble of interest.