MAIT. Public technologies token.

MAIT is an essential fuel and the pure essence of the Maitreja project. Its goal is to build an ecosystem filled with free technologies serving the betterment of society.
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Invest in our shared future

Maitreja creates technologies that primarily serve people - not the other way around. You have a unique opportunity to become a part of it and develop this idea with us.

Decide on the direction of the project

MAIT token holders can become members of a non-profit organization and participate in deciding on the future steps.

Try out the social network, our first released product!

Become a part of a global platform supporting meaningful projects, free discussion, and creation. Try the social network and discover what makes MAIT unique.



Token standard


Total token supply


ICO token price

1 USDT = 1 - 1.1 MAIT

Be a participant in the new era in communication.

Evolution in creation
content and discussion rewards its users for their valuable
posts, videos, articles and much more.


A place where users can freely offer and request products and services without the involvement of third parties.

Donation,  crowdfunding

A unique opportunity to support promising and meaningful projects or your favourite creators.

Community-led desicion making

MAIT token holders have the exclusive right to participate in decisions about the future development of the Maitreja.

Interlinked product ecosystem

The MAIT token will be fully open for use in other projects built on similar values and with a positive impact on our society.

Genuine dating

A dating platform aimed at facilitating real-life connections, not just keeping users glued to their screens to extract their money.

Exclusive opportunity
to earn tokens

First round

gets you 1 or 1.1 MAIT

04/14/2023 - 03/31/2024
Second round

Preparing in progress!

Third round

Preparing in progress!

Maitreja is not just a token.
It is a living ecosystem.

We strongly believe that Maitreja, through its ecosystem of supported projects, holds tremendous potential for fundamental change in society. Maitreja is changing the game by restoring faith and trust in technology platforms, also in natural human discourse and opening the way to modern approaches in philanthropy. We believe that every individual should have the right to express their opinion respectfully and not be restricted by anyone.

The project aims to create a network of products that enable every individual to create freely, securely and transparently. The non-profit organization Maitreja is like a unique mosaic system that is created, owned and managed by the users themselves. Each user has a say in deciding which other projects the ecosystem will bring to life.

Five reasons, why to get
MAIT token.

Clear vision and goal

Maitreja aims to create technologies that serve people, not the other way around: a society that serves corporations. Be a part of Maitreja and experience the feeling of freedom and security!

Healthy core

The project has been in existence for 7 years, has capital and a stable team, which ensures its viability. By working together, we will achieve our goal faster and with a significantly greater positive impact.

Social impact

Join us in building a free and responsible global community. With MAIT, you will be involved in prioritizing and allocating resources for the development of new publicly beneficial technologies.

Long-term growth

The primary goal of our projects is economic self-sufficiency. They must not be dependent on investor funding or advertising revenue. Money raised from projects beyond their self-sufficiency will be used as the community wishes.

Platform sustainability

We develop technology with the outside world in mind. Our platform is publicly accessible, encourages free discussion, and must therefore be sustainable in the long term and respectful of its surroundings.

Responsibility towards oneself and others.

The environment

We also aim to achieve a zero carbon footprint in the technology sector through investment and public education.

Corporate social responsibility

Society and its health is at the heart of our vision. Our core pillars include empathy, understanding, communication, sustainability and freedom.

Corporate governance

We are moving towards a leadership role in projects with a horizontal structure. We believe that every individual who contributes with their activity should be fairly rewarded.
Ecological impact
Social impact

Introduction to the MAIT tokenomy.

MAIT distribution

Market liquidity reserve

Allocation of resources
from the token-sale

Investment in projects
Platform development

Maitreja governance

MAIT holders

Who stands
behind the MAIT token.

Martin Rosinek

Co-founder of the Maitreja project, dreamer, entrepreneur, vision evangelist

Petr Marek

Co-founder of the Maitreja project, investor, successful project manager

Ladislav Kocián

Maitreja project development coordinator, PR leader, co-founder

Eva Pupišíková

Member of the Board of Directors of Křižovatka Foundation

Petr Hašek

Representative of the Křižovatka Foundation, the main investor

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and thrive with us!