MɅIT. Humanity
in the digital world.

We are a team of developers from a small country in the heart of Europe. 🇪🇺 We specialise in creating healthy applications that serve the good of society. Our work is not just about coding, but about bringing humanity back to the digital world. The MAIT token is an opportunity to get actively involved and contribute to a positive change in society.
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Verified users

For all our applications, we're developing a KWYTT (Know Who You're Talking To) system that will help us authenticate users on multiple levels. With KWYTT, only real people will be on the Mait.me social network, which will significantly reduce fraudulent accounts on our upcoming online marketplace, Mait Market.
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Tailored algorithm

The social network Mait.me brings a revolutionary feature that no other platform offers! Users can customise the content display algorithm according to their own preferences. A tool called TYBC (Tailor Your Bubble Content) allows you to completely reset the algorithm and get out of your social bubble.
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Videos & Reviews

The Tellmee app can capture real emotions and spontaneous answers to unknown questions, giving users an unforgettable, authentic experience. Over 4.6 million videos are expected to be created by 2026.
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Network in network

Mait.me allows you to create closed networks within yourself. In this unique environment, users can create their own groups, organise events and share posts that only members of that community will see. Users can switch to a full view of the entire Mait.me network at any time. This feature is not offered by any other social network in the world.
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Online marketplace

Mait Market is an upcoming online marketplace for selling products and services, complete with a unique XMFS (eXchange Micro Fee System) tool to ensure the lowest commissions in the market. We are levelling the playing field and plan to have over 2 million transactions between verified users by 2026.
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Token standard


Total token supply


Transaction list


Reasons to own MAIT.

Voting rights 🗳️

We're creating meaningful technology that serves people, not the other way around. As a non-profit organisation dedicated to Internet freedom and security, we cordially invite you to help us shape the future of our project Maitreja by getting MAIT tokens.

Limited quantity 💎

After 7 years of angel investor support, we are entering the next phase. We've created 720 million MAIT tokens to represent our entire project Maitreja, with no plans to increase this number. Together, we will achieve our goals faster and with greater positive impact.

Activity rewards 🎁

Be part of a truly free and socially responsible global movement. Active users, contributors and content creators will be rewarded with a MAIT token for their contribution to society and the Maitreja ecosystem, promoting positive change in the world.

Staking and share of success 💰

The primary goal of our projects is to achieve economic self-sufficiency without relying on investors or advertising revenue. Surplus funds will be used partly according to the wishes of the community and partly as rewards for users who lock their tokens.

Maitreja is not just a token.
Get involved, create and earn!

We currently have over 2,000 people testing the network. During Q2/2024, we plan to launch a large airdrop programme to reward active users on the Mait.me network.

MAIT tokens offer users a unique opportunity to actively participate in the decision-making process for the future of the project. In the coming years, we plan to integrate them into all of our applications, including the online Mait Market.

Details of the MAIT token economy can be found here.

No promises, just hard work.

• Network Mait.me + mobile app
• Messaging app Mait Chat
• Real quizzes video app Tellmee
• Crowdfunding app Givee
• Staking program
• Airdrop program
• Video selling app Mait Play
• Blockchain voting app Mait Vote
• Mait Market app for selling services and goods
• 1M active users in apps
• Data center preparing
• Own inner currency and cryptocurrencies implementing
• 5M transactions between users on Mait Market
• 1M quizzes created in Tellmee
• 10M active users in our apps
• other objectives will be decided by the community

Different lives, common goal.

Profitable non-profit organisation 🏦

Each of our applications has its own business model. While our focus is on profitability and financial sustainability, we are always mindful of ethical principles and providing value to users. Project Maitreja already has pre-defined monetisation strategies in place to not only cover the costs of operation and development, but also to support further development - membership fees in the form of the MAIT token, premium membership for users, small fees in the form of micro-transactions, and revenue from external projects.

All actions will always be voted on by the community.

How to get MAIT?

If you already have the MetaMask crypto wallet management extension installed in your web browser, just link it using the button below and the entire transaction will be a matter of a few clicks.


Our digital footprints.

Who stands behind MAIT.

Martin Rosinek

Co-founder of Maitreja, visionary, entrepreneur and innovator

Petr Marek

Co-founder of Maitreja, investor, visionary and implementer of innovative projects

Ladislav Kocián

Co-founder of Maitreja, development coordinator, IT developer and networker

Eva Pupišíková

Board member of Křižovatka Foundation, selfmade, femininity of Maitreja

Petr Hašek

Representative of Křižovatka Foundation, marketer, designer & Tellmee coordinator

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